Don't take our word for it. See what our clients are saying:

Don't take our word for it. See what our clients have to say!!
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Guthrie, Missouri

"Dr. Baldwin has helped my husband and I go from being "ghosted"  to Holy Ghosted! I'm striving to be more like Jochebed, trusting God with our adult kids. Regina has been extremely helpful in helping us deal with the parental alienation of one of our children and grandchild in a biblical way.   I've been so blessed by working with her. Regina is a real diamond. I work in mental health as a psychiatric nurse and have not seen this mix of compassion, wisdom and faith in a counselor." 


Springfield, Missouri

"I have never met a  professional that is more passionate and committed to  getting results for their client as Dr. Baldwin. Regina left no stone un-turned in compiling  the evidence and information needed for the custody hearing of my step-son.  Having a spouse who is an active addict along with parenting our children for over 6 years as a single dad has been extremely difficult. My wife disappeared for weeks at a time.  I went from being their only caregiver to having  my son ripped spitefully out of my life with no notice and no legal rights in Missouri.  Three (3) months  passed, with no contact and no hope until I retained Dr. Baldwin.   She spent over  80 hours compiling the evidence I needed; connected  me with the support group, Nar-Anon, and  upon completing her report,  found me the right attorney.  As a step-dad, I had NO  legal rights .  Because of Dr. Baldwin's  diligence, two (2) months, I was not only awarded custody; but, I started the process to adopt my step-son.  There is no doubt, without Dr. Baldwin, my children and I would have been permanently separated.   


Phoenix, Arizona

"For many people, like me, it is hard to know where to turn for good counsel regarding delicate family matters, such a parental alienation. As both a victim and grandparent of a victim, I understand the value of having an independent spirit-led perspective to turn to when it seems there are no easy answers to be found. Dr. Baldwin provided professional, wise & spirit led counsel when I needed it. In the end, we believe love wins, but learning how to cope with loss in the meantime can be very challenging. Dr. Baldwin is truly a Proverbs 20:5 counselor."

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