Sliding Scale Fees

Dr. Regina M. Baldwin and the Board of Directors is purposed to make services affordable to all.

​Market rate legal fees and mental health experts can be prohibitive for low and middle income people. Although there are community organizations that provide pro-bono or reduced fee legal assistance  and mental health services, our society does not come close to meeting the need for affordable services.  This is where Biblical Intervention Ministries, Inc. aka PAS Interventions, hopes to make a difference.  


Hourly rates are more cost-effective when clients choose to be more involved in their cases, (for example: by completing requested assignments, intake paperwork, obtaining records, promptly signing documentation, etc.) as they are able. We offers sliding scale rates based on gross household income. Flat fees and payment plans may also be available.  

Dr. Baldwin's regular hourly rate is $190/ hour.  Dr. Baldwin provides an initial 30 minute consultation FREE OF CHARGE.  Additional consultation time up to 90 minutes may be requested in advance for $150 (One Hundred Fifty Dollars).  We understand your time is as valuable as ours; therefore, consultation cancellations without at least 48 hour prior notice will not be rescheduled except in the event of an emergency. 

Retainers are based on the first 25 billable hours.  

Additional fees that may be incurred are: 

Paralegal Fees: $35/hr.

Clerical Fees: $25/hr. 

Sliding scale rates range from $40-$120/ hour:

Reduced hourly rates are available based on household size and income level (see table below):

  • Clients household income 150% or less than Federal Poverty Level: $40/hour

  • Client household income 150-250% or less than Federal Poverty Level: $80/hour

  • Client household income 250-350% of Federal Poverty Level: $120/hour

Current Federal Poverty Guidelines available at: 2020 Federal Poverty Guidelines

 Household Size        150%        250%          350%        
 1                             $19,140      $31,900     $44,660     
 2                             $25,860      $43,100     $60,340    
 3                             $32,580      $54,300     $76,020     
 4                             $39,300      $65,500     $91,700     
 5                             $46,820      $76,700     $107,380   


Fees are subject to change.