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In April 2012, Family Access- Fighting for Children's Rights was founded by Elaine Cobb who is also president. Elaine herself is alienated from her granddaughter Dare who she has never seen and is now 8 years old and her adult son Bryan who she has not seen since December 26, 2010. Her granddaughter Dare is alienated from her whole side of her daddy's family. This is why she determined to try in helping make a difference in this abuse being caused to the children, grandchildren and family members. In the beginning, her goal was to help those in the state of North Carolina where the founder  and president, Elaine Cobb resides. In just a short time, Elaine realized that alienation was a huge epidemic which was indeed all over our world. She realized at that time she wanted to do all that she could to help those suffering through this hell on earth. This is her ministry and she charges no one for any of our sources for you. She started the international seminar calls nationwide. In less than a year, she took the calls on an international level. Now Family Access- Fighting for Children's Rights helps in supporting 36 countries in educating as many alienated family members and professionals in regards to alienation through our international seminar calls. 

We also know one of the biggest ways to defeat alienation is to bring more awareness to those who know nothing or very little about alienation. This website was designed with that in mind as well as giving information to alienated family members to help them know all they can to get through this and one day hopefully be able to see their alienated loved ones. It is also here to help professionals i.e.., attorneys, mental health professionals, judges, legislators, school officials, researchers, writers, child advocates, etc. There is much to learn and we hope to give all as much as we can to help.

Laws must be changed as well to protect the rights of these alienated children and grandchildren to see ALL their family members. Family Access- Fighting for Children's Rights has worked tirelessly for equal shared parenting laws as well as grandparents' rights. We will continue in this fight for all the children and grandchildren in our world. Alienation is abuse!!! 

This organization provides:

  • We will work in bringing awareness to people on the subject of alienation and the effects it has on both the children, grandchildren and their families. Alienation is abuse! We will have many of our top experts and professionals regarding alienation in the world sharing information on their own pages here to help you learn more on alienation and other topics regarding alienation. We are also expanding our web site with much more information including locations of support groups in your area, professionals in your area who do have knowledge of alienation as well as blogs by experts and testimonies from alienated family members and also books that can help you on this subject of alienation.

  • To offer international seminar calls with guest speakers who have expertise in the subject matter for that call in giving support and knowledge to alienated family members and professionals who work in the field of alienation. Parental alienation and grandparent alienation and all other family members is hell on earth as too it is for the children and grandchildren dealing with this. These calls are a tremendous help to those going through this and those who work with those who are. There is no charge to any of this as this is a ministry to help those in need and also help professionals in dealing with this. Please join us. 


I rarely promote individual websites but this ministry is an excellent resources for targeted parents. I highly recommend that you visit this site; sign up for their newsletter, and take advantage of the international calls Ms. Cobb's arranges to bring interviews and education provided by experts in the field of parental alienation, free of charge to those devastated by these tragic dynamics. Additionally, these are excellent resources for professionals in the mental health and legal field who would like to become more knowledge of the unique dynamics of Parental Alienation. Traditional therapy will NOT work in cases of PAS.  It is vital that targeted parents have an experienced and knowledgeable professional team. 

Elaine has taken the considerable time to confirm the credentials, knowledge base, and PAS experience of all the professionals and resources on this site.  Dr. R.M. Baldwin

End Parental Alienation - Linda Gotlieb

Information taken directly off the Home Page of this Website: 


Family Therapist and Parental Alienation Specialist

Linda J. Gottlieb, LMFT, LCSW-R
(347) 454-8840 Telephone
(845) 859-5505​ Fax
Linda has had 40+ years education and experience providing clinical treatment services to families of all compositions, orientations, and in all developmental stages.  She has treated the wide spectrum of problems, issues, and dysfunctional family interactional patterns that are challenging for families. She has expertise in emergency services that has included intensive, home-based, crisis-intervention to prevent the psychiatric hospitalization of a child. Since 2003, Linda has focused her clinical practice on families undergoing parental separation/divorce with the goal of facilitating the parents to develop a civil and respectful co-parenting relationship. This focus includes the highly specialized area of assessing for and treating parental alienation.
Linda also provides consultation services on Parental Alienation—to rule it in or to rule it out. And she has also served as an expert witness on such cases. She has been qualified in 20 states and 30 jurisdictions. The areas in which she has been qualified are: family therapy, family dynamics, alienation, estrangement, child abuse, and domestic violence.
Linda obtained her Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Adelphi University School of Social Work and then completed 18 credits in Adelphi’s Doctoral Program with a specialization in family therapy. Linda subsequently honed her skills in family therapy by studying for 9 years at the Minuchin Center for the Family.  She was personally trained and supervised by Dr. Salvador Minuchin, the world renowned, highly respected child psychiatrist who was one of the founders of the family therapy movement, developing the school of structural family therapy within the broader field of family systems therapy. 
After completing her training at the Minuchin Center, Linda joined the faculty, where she served for additional four years. During her tenure on the faculty, she taught the principals of structural family therapy to other mental health clinicians—including child psychiatrists.
Linda began her professional career working in Adoption and Foster Care Services, initially for 16 years in New York City’s foster care system as a caseworker, next as a psychiatric social worker, and then as the Director of Foster Care and Adoption Services for a voluntary agency contracted as a provider for NYC’s foster care population. Other capacities in which Linda has served this population were as a supervisor and then as Assistant Director of Foster Care and Adoption Services for Nassau County, NY. Linda’s service for Nassau County totaled 8 years.
During her work with 3000 foster children—children who had been removed from their homes due to adjudicated abuse and neglect—Linda discovered just how powerful is the instinct to have and need a parent. She cannot recall a single foster child who rejected a parent. To the contrary, she observed these children to align with their abusive parents and to protect them. And the children craved their visits with their parents and protested each visits’ conclusion.

As a result of her foster care experience, Linda concluded that the instinct to love and need a parent is superseded only by the instinct for survival and the instinct to protect ones young. And Linda has further determined—in part as a result of her foster care experience—that the only explanation for a child’s unjustifiable rejection of a parent is because of a brainwashing—similar to the brainwashing of a cult member—by the other parent or parental figure. After all, if abused and neglected children do not reject a parent, there can be only one explanation as to why a child would reject a non-abusive and/or non-neglectful parent.

Upon leaving the Foster Care System, Linda transitioned to working in New York's mental healthcare system. She designed, implemented, and supervised at South Shore Child Guidance Center, Freeport, NY, the Pathways Program, a home-based, crisis intervention service to prevent the psychiatric hospitalization of a child. That program was more than 90% effective in preventing a child from being psychiatrically hospitalized but were, instead, able to be maintained in their families. 

Since 1994, Linda has been in private practice as a Family Therapist. In addition to providing clinical treatment to children and their families, she has provided supervision to family therapists who are in private practice. Linda has worked very closely for many years with Nassau, Suffolk, and Duchess County, New York Family Courts by accepting their referrals to facilitate adversarial parents to arrive at an out-of-court settlement in the best interests of their children.
Linda has treated in private practice more than 550 children who had undergone some degree of alienation, along with treating their parents, who numbered more than 300 alienating and alienated parents. Linda has further reviewed the case files of another 250+ severely alienated children and their parents. Of meaningful significance, Linda further treated 1000 children and their parents who were undergoing a separation/divorce but who did not engage in alienation.
The sum total of Linda’s work with foster children, combined with her private practice experiences with both alienating and non-alienating families undergoing parental separation and/or divorce, has rendered her invaluable, extensive pattern recognition for an alienated child, an alienating parent, and an alienated parent. Linda is thus exceedingly accurate in distinguishing an alienated child from an estranged child—that is a child who justifiably rejects a parent. An estranged child presents very differently from an alienated child.
In 2012, the highly respected professional publisher, CC Thomas, published Linda’s book, The Parental Alienation Syndrome: A Family Therapy and Collaborative Systems Approach to Amelioration. In this book, Linda wrote about 56 children in 32 families from her private practice—cases that involved parental alienation to some degree. At the time she began treatment of each of these children and their families, 49 children had had their relationship with their alienated parent severed. At the conclusion of treatment, 27 children had reconnected with their alienated parent.
Since 2012, Linda co-authored two, published peer-reviewed articles dealing with some aspect of parental alienation. She further contributed a chapter on treatment to a 2013 peer-reviewed book entitled, Working with Alienated Children and their Families: A Guidebook, edited by Amy Baker and Richard Sauber.
Linda has also been approved by 4 professional organizations as a provider of continuing education credits, continuing medical credits, and continuing legal credits for psychiatrists, judges, lawyers, mental health clinicians, and medical providers. The credits were approved in the areas of clinical reasoning and decision making when diagnosing and treating for parental alienation and that alienation is a form of psychological child abuse.
Linda recognizes the critical importance of both parents to the psychological, social, cognitive, behavioral, and physical development of their children—as long as both parents are fit. Linda educates parents who are in an adversarial custody proceeding to recognize that the healthiest resolution for their children occurs when parents make the decisions for their children—as opposed to having decisions imposed upon them by others—whomever these others may be. After all, parents—not professionals—are the experts on their own children.
 The following is Linda’s Treatment Philosophy:
         "I believe in the power of family members to heal each other out         of the love they have for each other.  I am a catalyst, as I help          people in intimate relationships with each other to change         each other and to achieve the goals and hopes that they share in          common. I will support you in uncovering your hidden strengths    and talents, and I will encourage family members and/or   partners to discover with each other new pathways to problem    resolution." 
Since arriving at this treatment philosophy many, many years ago, Linda determined that the power of family members to heal each other applies unequivocally and principally to the parent-child relationship. This conviction has become the basis of her intensive, four-day treatment program for the disruption of a parent-child relationship. Linda is a catalyst to alienated parents to de-program their children and to take them down memory lane in order to reawaken their children’s repressed memories of their loving, nurturing, and enjoyable relationship prior to the onset of the alienation. Linda has achieved 100% success in her unification in this program with a sequestration period that is adhered to.
Linda has dedicated her professional practice to ending the scourge of parental alienation—a form of severe psychological child abuse. In addition to her intensive treatment program and to her consultation and testifying on paternal alienation, Linda travels the world disseminating knowledge to professionals about parental alienation.

The information for Turning Point - The Court Ordered Parental Alienation Reunification Program can be  downloaded here: 

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